Increase Digital Reach

Affiliate Marketing is one of the truest forms of Performance Marketing. The reason is, that you only pay commission when your Affiliate Partner helps you get a lead or makes a sale. Through sponsored content, you can easily capture the attention of your target audience. This is because we give our best reaching and high-quality content an extra push to be visible to more users so that they interact with it. Hiring a good writer is always recommended but it can get costly. However, there are chances that you have a decent writer among your employees. Regardless, if you have a great idea, you should pen it down rudimentarily.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Tracking Performance

When a brand seamlessly integrates with another reputable brand’s website or social media, we call it Native Advertising.

Let’s look at this example of Native Advertising where Twitter and Mumbai Indians released a hashtag with a custom emoji


Total Ad Spend/Total Measured Clicks

As performance marketing is more or less digital, it is easier to track performance results in real-time. These metrics include conversions, number of clicks, and impressions.

A higher ROI is indicated by either low investment or high conversion rates. Both are possible results when you start executing Performance Marketing campaigns.