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As another example when looking for information about pets queries tend to start with and i.e. informational so for example we took the website of a well-known pet food manufacturer to view through our website analytics service. Go to the Site Analysis section in the Search Queries tab. Search Queries in Site Analytics Servicehas a suitable query Why do cats purr among the queries that this website ranks first in the results. Searching the query in the first position of the question you can get a request example with the highlight description We check that the website is inde in the first position but after the highlight description.

The Search Queries section in Site Analytics

Search results for Why Cats Purr Highlight Query Description of Why Cats Purr The article contain in the highlight description has a clear structure with many small paragraphs. Each paragraph has a heading. To find quick answers text Saudi Arabia Phone Number List search robots use them or. The title above the text select by the search bot does not duplicate the query but the page is relevant.  results Highlight article snippet contain in description The website page we are examining has a title relevant to the request but the text below it is not suitable for a quick response.

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You can find queries that display rich snippets

Article Snippets The article snippets that receiv the regular snippets below describe why cats purr but for some reason the name  The Taiwan Phone Number experiment generat a list of keywords for which his competitor websites rank in the answers section. The author look at the articles on the site and found that each article was formatt similarly. It was built bas on a list with tags like these.Tags go into a bullet list of blocks containing answers. Example of a block containing answers from a website.

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