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Standards will vary in different regions. For example, visit for a long time will instead show that they cannot find the phone. Good indicators of time on site in your industry show that you have quality content, competent site structure, develop internal links, accessible design, and are interest in your products and services. Interest users. Pages per session This is one of the most important behavioral metrics in your website because it shows how deeply the user is explor the site.

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The more pages they view the more interest they become in the content. Again, not all sites are like this. Sometimes the user’s goal is to satisfy a ne as quickly as possible.  to tow a taxi. The first page a user lands on is usually the homepage but the Brazil Phone Number List most interest is the service or product page. So if the user views at least two pages then this can already be consider a successful session. If users don’t get beyond the homepage and the site nes deeper interaction, be aware of the follow: You’ve chosen the wrong keywords.

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Users are com from a search but don’t see what they ne Homepage is inconvenient or difficult to understand Homepage is poorly connect to other pages of the site Load is slow or some features are not work. Buttons are not clickable. Forms cannot be open. Links are not activat.  it’s a good idea to segment your audience by source to determine where China Phone Number the most engag users are com from. To find the number of pages per session go to and click Engagement Audit. per session. How to Check Number of Pages Visit by Website Users Pages Per Session Exit Rate Exit rate measures how often visitors leave your site from a specific page. Suppose a new visitor comes to the homepage search for information and then visits the blog.

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