This integration enabled the company

The customer management platform. It not only reduced their response time but also increased the number of qualified leads by converting of chats into sales. Instagram DM API use case Route messages to the right teams If you operate internationally handling messages in multiple languages and time zones is a familiar pain. With Instagram Direct Message API you dont have to create multiple Instagram accounts to support customers speaking different languages. HM using Instagram dm API for marketing HM receives large volumes of customer inquiries in multiple languages every day. The company needed to centralize customer conversations while being able to sort incoming requests by language.

With the Instagram DM API

HM has integrated Instagram Messenger with a unified customer experience management platform to automatically detect languages and organize Austria WhatsApp Number List and route messages to the correct team. to deliver personalized support to customers and speak their language literally and figuratively. As a result the fashion giant saw an increase in customer satisfaction by over points and boosted agent efficiency by . Instagram DM API use case Streamline customer service efforts  is a serious challenge when its all over the web. It takes a lot of time to spot a comment or a mention and reply to it with a personalized message.

Reacting to customer feedback

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Often by the time you get to it the issue is no longer relevant and the customer is disappointed. Instagram Direct Messaging API helps German Phone Number businesses accelerate customer service and catch a conversation on time regardless of the channel. Sephora interacts a lot with its Instagram followers. They comment on its posts mention it in their own posts and frequently tag the brand in their Stories. Sephoras main challenge was keeping all customer interactions under control at such a high level of engagement. People would ask both pre and postpurchase questions in public comments on stories and in.

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