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Assess your available resources so you can understand what you have enough of and what you may need to reach your goals. Set goals Next, you can set goals that you’d like your business to achieve over the short and long term. It’s important to with your company mission and vision. You can use marketing and sales forecasts to give you an idea of what types of goals are realistic. In this phase you’ll also want to prioritize the goals you set so you know which to choose if conflicts arise.

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When setting goals, remember to set SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. . Develop your plan In this phase it’s time to put your plan together and map out a project roadmap. This is where your plan becomes Ghana Mobile Database clearer both to your planning committee and to your team members who will execute based on the plan. You want to make sure that your plan is achievable with your current resources so that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. You’ll also want to set measurable milestones so you can track your progress along the way.

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You also need to set KPIs so you have objective numbers to determine if you’re heading in the right direction. When developing your plan, you Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List should make sure that any short term action items align with long term goals. And finally, you’ll need to get approval from leadership and stakeholders. . Implement your plan Now that you’ve created your strategic plan it’s time to act. In fact, the first step of implementation is creating a strategic action plan. Your action plan will outline the specific tactics you’ll use to execute your strategic plan.

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