Create customer personas

The most of your marketing decisions will depend on it from the content of your marketing materials to where and when youll advertise. These are some of the campaign management processes you might need to go through during this step Define your target customers. If you dont have a written profile of who your ideal customers are nows the time to start. You need to know their basic demographic information such as their age range location and industry. Psychographic details such as their opinions behaviors and attitudes will also come in handy. You can use this tutorial on defining your target audience as a starting point.

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Method customer personas arent just a list of technical information about your target customerstheyre more like characters who represent the Taiwan WhatsApp Number List different market segments youre targeting. Theres more storytelling involve in buyer personas making your target customers seem more real. In the example below from HUCACE via HubSpot they created the character of Tina an HR Manager who has trouble with hiring top talent. If you want to make your own customer personas you can consult this tutorial. Buyer persona example Buyer personas help flesh out your target customers. Research your competitors.

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Be buying from you looking at your direct competitors customer base is a good start. After all if theyre buying from your competitors its likely China Email List that similar people would think about buying from you as well. This guide will show you how to research your competitors customers. If you need additional guidance for this stage check out the following tutorials How to Get to Know Your Customers David Masters May How to Start an Online Business Driven by Your Customers Needs Brad Smith Apr How to Find Out Exactly What Your Target Clients WantThen Sell It to Them Celine CX Roque Aug Advertisement Step.

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