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You’re a growth hacker. Think about it Have you ever tested the subject lines in your emails? That was an experiment. Have you ever copied a high-converting landing page? Well conversion rate optimization ( ) is an essential part of growth hacking. You are a growth hacker every time you update your existing content to increase conversions. At the end of the day growth hacking is about growing leads, customers, revenue or anything that helps your business thrive. The right structure will create the most efficient growth for your business.

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Developing a framework that supports your goals is a great Nigeria Mobile Database place to start. There are five basic steps to developing a growth hacking strategy. Document the entire process as you go through it to share with other teams or new hires so everyone understands how to leverage growth hacking. Define goals. Knowing what your goals are is the first step to achieving them. Learn what you hope to achieve with growth hacking. Then tailor your approach to those specific goals. These goals should also be achieved through research. Evaluate your current marketing campaigns with a comprehensive audit. This information will help you identify areas where there is room for improvement and how to frame them as new goals. Cultivate new ideas.

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Research for inspiration and then build on your findings. Learn Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List what works, what doesn’t, and why Use your previous events and others in the industry for inspiration. Use as much information as possible to help brainstorm the best way to use growth hacking for your business. Set priorities. What is the most important goal your business can achieve with growth hacking? Or what is the area where your business most needs improvement right now? These are things to consider as you narrow down your growth hacking strategy. But be realistic. Growth hacking is not magic and is not guaranteed to work overnight so set achievable goals.

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