Type and Funnel

Sales Channels in the Channel s, such as compar different sources or add segments by device type. Funnel Chart in Compare Segments by Device  Chart in Traffic Segmentation Additionally within a segment you can conditionally filter user actions geolocation the link they came from the product they view etc. User Segmentation in To view your sales funnel select the Research section in the left menu and then select Funnel Research.

Traffic Conversion Sequence

Additionally Effective Sales Funnel  User Journey Research The Journey Discovery section visually represents the user journey includ the order and frequency of actions they take on the website. The tool analyzes key path failure points and potential pain points bas on page view events and conversion data. For example you can learn where users UK Phone Number List visit most after the home page, which pages they leave the most and how specific actions on the site affect further actions. In this report you can select a segment such as traffic from mobile devices and filter the users within it by other parameters Area Action Date and Time Login Page.

Phone Number List

User retention report is important

The same tools us to study user journeys can be us to study reverse paths i.e. find out how users arriv at a certain page or what they did before convert.  journey click Explore in the left menu and select a Discovery Journey template. to not only attract new users but also keep them com back. The retention report in shows the percentage of users Brazil Phone Number who return to the site within a given time period. It contains several sections, the total number of new users or return users for the period. User retention rate by group, that is, by time. Interact with users by group. User retention with new users return daily. User Engagement The average amount of time a retain user has been engag since a given event. Total value is the average revenue earn by a user in the first day of us the site or app.

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