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Each KPI a color that Use the results of your experiments to develop new ideas for the future. Your experiment doesn’t have to be a one-off. Good growth is built on a culture of constant experimentation. Always analyze your experiments. When the timer goes off and the experiment is done you have to analyze and record the results and use them in practice. But it’s more complicated than knowing whether your assumptions are correct. Contrary analysis requires answering the following questions: Are my assumptions true or false? Are my test results statistically significant? What do my results mean.

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What could I have done differently in this experiment? How can I use Senegal Mobile Database these results in the future? What should my next experiment be based on this discovery? Building a culture of experimentation is more than just getting an experiment pass or fail answer. Instead the real analysis happens when you think about how the results impact your efforts and how you can use what you learn to advance new experiments. Share and systematize your learning outcomes. It is critical to share experimental results with colleagues before repeating this process in the next experiment.

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Sharing information internally is an excellent way to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List encourage transparency and generate feedback that can help you build a history of your experiments. Inside we use To store the employee’s post-experimental results and various internal information. This is a great way to keep everyone updated on what’s going on and to get feedback from colleagues who might be interested in your findings. You can also save run documents for experiments so you can easily access the results in one place. For example you could create a document in which you track all tests in or on a landing page. Document learning outcomes for easy access in one place Research results build on what others have done before you. Now you know how to build scalable, predictable and repeatable growth processes.

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