What was getting in their way

The to case studies your interesting beginning is a statement of the problem or conflict your client was facing before you came into the picture. The middle is the description of the step by step process you us to resolve this conflict and the end contains the results you achiev and how this chang the clients business and life for the better. But how do you know if youve accomplish this successfully Here are pointers to look out for Use emotions to anchor the problem youre solving and the results you achiev.

Rather than plainly starting

Off your case study with something Cambodia Telegram Number Data like XYZ Corp want to increase their sales think about what this means to the bigger picture. What was the client feeling about this goal they want to achieve What were the consequences of this problem Draw out these emotional anchors by writing something more like XYZ Corps founders spent five years putting off their plans for expansion because they just werent making enough sales. It was frustrating that we couldnt make it happen for so long said Mr. Smith cofounder of XYZ Corp.

As for your conclusion think about

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What the results mean for the client and the possibilities they now face given that this particular problem is already solv. Make China Telegram Number it interesting and useful even for those who might not be potential clients. Its tempting to overfocus on making the sale but before you can even sell your service you have to sell the story of the case study. It must be useful enough that your readers can take away some ideas from it and maybe even share it with others. Your case studies have to be more than just a marketing channel they should be ucational and inspiring as well. Step . Add a Call to Action Finally its important to add a call to action to your case study..

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