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Well, positive, four-star, and five-star ratings are great options, but you also need to increase the number of reviews.  customers to write reviews, especially those you’re sure have had an excellent experience with your business. A good way to ensure this is to communicate with customers on the phone after helping them complete their purchase. You can increase the number of reviews if you stay committed to encouraging customers to leave positive reviews. After all, you’d rather have one review with an average rating of . than one or two with an average rating of 5 stars.

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Customers tend to choose businesses with a high number of reviews. Additionally, Google recognizes that a business with a high number of reviews is proving its Belgium Mobile Database worth and therefore deserves to rank higher than a business with only a few reviews (even if those reviews are very positive). At the end of the day, Google wants to serve its users and is most interested in connecting searchers with businesses that best suit their interests and needs. Accumulate as many positive reviews as possible to better position yourself as an attractive brand in your industry. Review Speed ​​Next, you need to focus on driving a consistent client review process for your business.

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Google will notice that the company is actively amassing customer reviews and is running a company worthy of recommendations to users. Higher Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List review speeds are also critical to attracting a wider customer base. Customers tend to ignore or completely ignore reviews that are even months old – even if you have dozens of reviews that are a year old, they won’t delete it for potential customers or Google. Also, your business can change in just a few months, show where your business is today and what people have said about it recently. Generate as many new relevant customer reviews as possible to rise up on the search results page and attract new consumers.

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