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Before optimizing a page for a frequently. then there is no point in trying. The Fragment Rejection Experiment blog discusses an experiment with a highlight description. The plan is to remove the blog page from quick replies and see how the traffic changes. Important point: Pages are usually rank bas on various keys. Some provide highlight descriptions and some do not. Losing such blocks in some cases can greatly impact traffic but this doesn’t matter if ranking for many other keywords.

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They found several blog pages in the featur description and us tags to remove the pages from position zero. For this request  its position in the block. Instead the snippet is pick up by another website to return the article to a top position in the organic search results. The situation is similar for another article where the extend snippet gets Russia Phone Number List material from the website and the article moves to the top of the search results. As a result, the researchers lost a lot of traffic. For all pages in the experiment, traffic dropp by approx. after losing space in the featur snippet. There may be exceptions to the experimental results but ultimately for most websites it is best to try to use rich snippets on the page. How to remove your page from quick replies.

Phone Number List

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If a page of your website belongs to this block and you want to remove it from here please use meta tag. You can limit the amount of text in a snippet to the usual . For example, Robot Help points out that this method does not guarantee that your Sweden Phone Number page will be remov from the featur description. There is a more reliable way to label. But in this case search bots will only be able to use the information in the title tag and meta description so the page will look unprictable in the results.

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