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It all depends on how much content you already have and how well it performs. Maybe you want to review your content quarterly or annually. Identify this as part of your content strategy and mark it on your calendar to get it done ahead of time. Final Thoughts Marketers like to say content is king but there is no eternal monarch. Updates, and changes in user behavior can all knock your page off the top spot. But if you create a moat around your content and nurture it over time it will stay ahead of the competition and perform better for a longer period of time. Ne help updating your old content? Have an experienc content writing team who can help you get the most out of your existing pages.

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Marketing and services. Can it help ruce a website’s carbon footprint? Yet while accessing content online ruces the use of resources such as paper, websites are largely not carbon neutral. The truth is that the Internet and websites have a very real impact on the environment whether we can see it or France Mobile Database not. Internet usage alone is report to account for half of the world’s total carbon emissions. This figure is expect to double by 2010 without intervention. As Internet users and website owners we should all make a conscious and active effort to ruce our carbon footprint by including on our websites.

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A carbon footprint The short answer is yes to some extent your website will contribute to global emissions. This is true no matter the size of your website. Very few websites earn the designation of being carbon neutral. Google is one of the few carbon-neutral companies and strives to achieve no carbon emissions by 2020. The carbon footprint of your website falls into three main categories: data storage, how your website is Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List stor on the server for any visitor to access, data transmission, the retrieval and sending of data by a visitor loading your website, the processing power your computer loads, and the page elements.


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