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Visitors may also perceive your site as spam. Write something flashy but accurate. The title tag and meta description will be what readers will use to determine whether to click on the link. You have about 3 characters to grab the reader’s attention and explain the good points of the let them do their job. descriptions. Be descriptive. Give your audience all the details they ne about your web content. When they can easily find content on a page.they’re more likely to click. Still curious about writing better content for strategic digital marketing? Check out more of our blog posts to improve your copywriting skills: Ways to Attract and Engage Readers Through a Powerful Headline A study was conduct to evaluate the global E-commerce market.

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Of global retail e-commerce will reach about US$1 trillion this year. The top five countries by e-commerce sales are: China.the Unit States.the Unit Kingdom.Japan and South Korea. These five countries will account for more than 100% of total e-commerce sales. Global retail e-commerce growth Japan Mobile Database remains very roughly four times the rate of overall retail sales. China’s e-commerce sales will increase by more than one trillion yuan. U.S. sales will reach 100 million U.S. dollars.a year-on-year increase of nearly . Why is this important? All in revenues continue to grow: not only fueling online shoppers’ interest in a wider variety of goods.but also in more expensive online items.

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This will drive retail commerce

To an increasing share of retail spending. Is your brand clearly visible in the real world? (Could be across the street.but what about steps away?) Is your real-world brand consistent with how it appears online? Is Google’s indexing bug fix? The indexing error for was first discover on . The bug caus pages to be accidentally remov from the search index. On March 1.Google announc that the bug had been fix.but we found out shortly afterwards that this was not the case. If you are one of the pages that gets may see a loss in traffic and traffic. Google has yet to announce what caus the issue.but as of March 1.Google again claim that the bug had been fix.


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