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Social listening is the process of monitoring a business’ social mia channels, and disparate channels in general, to find mentions of brand-relat keywords, topics, or competitors. By doing this you can create a list of people who are actively participating in conversations about your business who could be future customers. You’ve pre-identifi them as potential leads and viewing their tweets is a form of enthusiastic outreach that gives you an idea of ​​who they are before initiating further contact. Ask about customer dissatisfaction.

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Asking customers about their pain points can provide valuable information Nepal Mobile Database about the nes they wish to have address. Asking customers about their frustrations not only provides insight into their pain points but also gives them more information about their frustrations with the current solution and the challenges they hope to solve. Think of it this way: A customer can tell you that their current pain point is a long and protract marketing process and they want that process streamlin.

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This is very useful information and you can easily position Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List your software as an all-in-one solution. Asking about their frustrations, however, may give you more insight into the specific issues plaguing them than in general. When you drill down into their pain points and understand their frustrations you will discover the details of their current challenges. This makes it easier for you to qualify potential customers and position your product as a solution to their specific individual nes. Let them explain their history. Every qualification conversation is the culmination of some sequence of events that leads you to a clue. That’s why asking about a prospect’s past behavior can be a huge help.

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