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Healthcare organizations have been cautious about creating experiences based. On consumer data, but new research reveals that consumers are eager for it. With the assumption that their data is being used responsibly, consumers are optimistic about. What that data could mean for their health outcomes. To dive deeper into. How consumers view healthcare experiences and digital trends, Adobe surveyed over , insured Americans between the ages of and . The findings revealed how consumers want their data used, trends in generational behaviors, and the importance of building digital connections for long term loyalty. Learn what consumers expect from their digital healthcare engagement.

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A key factor In a crucial reveal, we found that most people are taking an active role in their own health and wellness. Largely powered by technology. Over the past months, most respondents took action to consult with a healthcare Honduras Mobile Database professional, either via a telehealth or in person visit. Technology is playing a key role, from telehealth visits and education to at home monitoring and apps. In the last months, out of consumers spent three or more hours a month using technology to manage their health. Well being used online resources to learn about health related information. Blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate.

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Used apps to manage their health and well being, including mental health. Watch our video to discover the potential of healthcare driven technology. A strong appetite for data driven care While many healthcare organizations claim consumer Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List mistrust. Holding them back from a holistic, data driven approach, our survey revealed otherwise. were okay with text or email alerts about medications or appointments. were okay with personalized emails about programs. And nearly half were okay being recognized via login and receiving personalized wellness info based on age, gender, or ethnicity.

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