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The person be it you your PR manager or anyone else who youve chosen to be the face of your brand. Generally its recommended to go with a logo if youre an already established brand. If youre just starting out or if youre building a personal brand its better to go with a personal photo. The reasoning behind this is that people are more likely to engage with a person than a brand logo especially a brand they dont yet recognize. logo profile picture Profile Photo of a PersonFigure Once youve selected your profile photo whether its your logo or a personal picture use it across all your social media channels to establish consistency and make.

It easier for people to recognize you

Before uploading it to your social media channels make sure youve named it accordingly either as yourname.jpg or businessname.jpg as Canada Phone Number List that small step can help your SEO efforts. Your cover photo can be a little more creative. Depending on your niche you can choose an image of your office your employees your product or anything else that represents the core values of your brand. In the below example notice how the cover photo helps push the idea that this photographer takes really extraordinary photos.

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Profile Caption You can even include a text overlay on cover photos which can be a clever way to include extra information such as your contact Belgium Phone Number List email or you can use it to point to a specific part of your profile. In fact many Facebook pages use this technique to add an arrow which points to their call to action. Learn how to make a great Facebook cover How to Create an Awesome Facebook Cover in Adobe Photoshop Kirk Nelson Jul Keep in mind image dimensions for each network youre on and ensure all your cover photos and profile photos are high quality to.

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