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Pruning Publish inĀ  The How and Why of ContentĀ  Optimization Guide A common misconception in the industry is that you have to regularly publish a ton of content on your website in order to rank well over time. It is true that by providing your target audience with valuable, relevant and optimiz content to answer questions and share insights you will likely see higher visibility. But posting ill-inform content with poor structure and a lack of purpose can have the opposite effect. It is important to regularly inspect and evaluate the content on your website to ensure it is performing at its best and not being stale.

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That have been releasing new content over the years, there may be articles that are no longer relevant to your brand, information is no longer accurate, or content doesn’t help your brand achieve any specific goals. This process is call content pruning and this guide is design to help you understand what the process is, including why and when to prioritize pruning over producing content. What is content pruning? Content Denmark Mobile Database pruning is the removal, consolidation or re-optimization of underperforming content on your website that does not have any relevance value or insight to your target audience. It involves reviewing content for a series of factors including visibility, goal, accuracy, accessibility.

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Content pruning should not

Be confus with culling as it is not simply removing large amounts of content and is ruthless; it does more harm than good. Let’s look at the general definition of pruning: pruning a tree, shrub or bush by cutting off dead or overgrown branches or stems especially to promote growth. The same goes for content pruning, which is about identifying content that no longer serves a purpose and removing, re-optimizing or merging it to ensure Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List higher quality content throughout the site, improving visibility in the long run. Why Content Pruning Matters Align with Google Algorithm Updates, which constantly emphasize the quality, accuracy, and authority of information.


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