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In other words, Conversions API can help you to increase ad performance with extended use of your data. Improve your measurement capabilities, and help you see a more complete picture of campaign outcomes while respecting people’s privacy. It’s not a question of if but rather when you’ll need to transition to the Conversions API. Innovative, data driven businesses are implementing this solution now because. It’s helping give them the edge they need to compete today. Global large advertisers with the Meta Pixel.

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The Conversions API saw on average additional attributed purchase events.Based on analysis of K global large advertisers with direct, Conversions API Gateway or partner integrations partner integrations only included if integrations exist Greece Mobile Database between and with criteria of at least server and browser events, an EMQ score , server coverage of but no higher than to eliminate outliers . InSimplified implementation To make getting started is Conversions API easier, Adobe has partnered. Meta to create an extension in Adobe Real Time Customer Data Platform Connections.

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Cost Per Action And See A More Complete

Real Time CDP Connections streamlines how data is collected and distributed to other systems A while improving site performance and minimizing updates. Businesses use tags also known as tracking code on their digital properties to share event data with partners for advertising, analytics, personalization, and more. “Real Time CDP Connections allows companies to offload tags execution from the client side to our edge servers,” Jordan says. With Adobe’s quick start workflows available in, it takes just minutes to get up and running with the extension and start sending data to Meta on the server side.

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