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Maintaining a positive attitude in addition to the hard skills we’ve already reviewed is a soft skill that cannot be learned in books. Resilience takes practice. If you have a day when you are feeling down or discouraged, it will be communicated to you over the phone and your low energy will be noticed by your potential clients. The best of us make bad decisions but we have to pick ourselves up after each one. It’s normal to be frustrated whether a potential client is rude or you’ve made a mistake. Yet letting these feelings stop you from answering the phone for the rest of the day will negatively impact your next call.

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Expert Tips Resilience Isn’t Necessarily Teachable But Being Kuwait Mobile Database More Resilient Is Like It: Knowing Not Is Personal. Knowing that you’re having a bad day doesn’t define your skill set. Reframe a setback as an opportunity to figure out how to improve the situation instead of getting stuck. Practice objection handling. Don’t let these temporary roadblocks ruin your day and don’t let them ruin your prospect’s day. Resilience is critical to maintaining a clear mind.

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Developing this ability now will also be invaluable when you Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List have to recover from losing big deals without hesitation. Instructable Instructable is one of the most important elements. Confidence is important but self-awareness can affect the SDR’s ability to receive and implement candid feedback. The best actively seek mentorship from high-performing colleagues and crave honest feedback from managers. Getting real-time feedback is best, but you can also make a list of all the issues or challenges you have during the week and report them back to your manager during a scheduled one-on-one meeting. Expert Tips A great way to advocate for coachability is to seek mentoring and development opportunities.

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