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The or AIpowered these chatbots provide customers with tailored product recommendations thus improving the shopping experience and creating more loyal customers. chatbot example product recommendation Kiehls has created a multistep quiz to automatically identify prospects skin type and provide them with the most relevant product recommendations. . Scheduling Meetings You dont have to schedule meetings manually. When chatting isnt enough a chatbot can book meetings via an embedded calendar. Calendar scheduling chatbots are extremely popular among BB companies. Theyre typically used to schedule meetings with sales reps for product demonstrations.

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Connecting a calendar to a chatbot removes friction from the meeting booking process and creates a better user experience. chatbot example Algeria WhatsApp Number List scheduling Drifts chatbot is a good example of how a BB company can use automated scheduling for arranging meetings.  a simple Hey there Looking to learn more about Drift If the prospect wants to see the product in action the bot gives them a few options for speaking to a sales rep. . Sharing Promo Codes You can also use chatbots to share promo codes with your customers.

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Ignore banners and exit popups. Most often theyll close these without even noticing you have a discount for them. Chatbots offer a new way to Brazil Phone Number catch visitors attention. chatbot example promo code Bluebella has built a simple chatbot specifically for referrals. Existing customers can get a personalized referral code and enjoy savings for friends and family too. customers on your website and prevent them from exploring competitors options. . Lead Generation No matter what type of business you have using a chat window to ask for visitors contact information is a nonnegotiable best practice. Instead of annoying customers with intrusive lead capture forms a lot of brands have switched to using chatbots for lead generation. This is an effective conversational approach.

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