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The you hire because authenticity and reliability are key. Dishing out bad or shoddily presented information will damage your reputation just as much as good information will build it. Its Hard to Measure Success How can you tell if youre doing it right Increased website traffic More social media followers A bigger email list  on actual customers brought in What if youre not seeing much tangible growth but youre getting positive comments and engagement and building your profile with potential customers and influential people in the industry Is that enough.

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To build an audience how long should you stick at it before deciding that enough is enough Some of the benefits of content marketing can be Singapore WhatsApp Number List tracked quite closely but others are intangible and it can be difficult to tell which one to use. Ill cover the problem of measuring the success of content marketing in more detail in a future tutorial. . Content Marketing Strategies So weve got some clarity on what content marketing is and weve looked at its main pros and cons. So what strategies can you use to be successful in your content marketing Pick Your Channels As I mentioned earlier there are many different ways to do content marketing.

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List of options Write a blog. Create an audio podcast. Produce videos and publish them on YouTube or elsewhere. Build a following USA Telegram Number List on social media. Create some fun informative shareable infographics. Write guest posts or articles for popular publications. Write eBooks or white papers and distribute them on your website and elsewhere. Run a free webinar. A good content marketing strategy will probably include several of these but its important not to spread yourself too thin. Its better to pick just one or two channels and show up regularly than to have a halfhearted presence everywhere. So make an honest.

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