The 3 Fundamental Dimensions of an Eshop Strategy Service Strategy

Let’s take a closer look at the five stages of a typical buying journey: Recognizability

The customer has a need, he is interested in entering our website and exploring the options we give him.

Comparison Buy
The customer completes their purchase and waits for confirmation of their order to make sure everything went as it should.

At this point, the customer now awaits the delivery of his purchase, receives notifications about the progress of his order and finally receives the packaging of his products (with a thank you card and a discount coupon for the next purchase).

However, the most important ones to start with are:

eShop Website Speed

Trade policy
The commercial policy of our brand must be transparent, clear and competitive. This category includes returns, replacements and warranty policies.

Design customer support to deliver meaningful value

There is a wise adage that says: ” good architecture costs a lot, but bad architecture costs even more” .

Case Resolution Process
First of all, a process should be created, which describes all possible scenarios and the corresponding phases that USA Phone Number List a customer support representative follows to resolve a case.

Customer Management System (or CRM)

Response Speed

Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs)
Writing down the questions that will be asked soon some classic questions are observed. Answering them in advance in the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions & Answers’ can save crucial time for other cases that really need it.

Find ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve

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Although there are infinite ways to serve a customer, in the end what counts is their satisfaction.

And this is because he knows where she is good and where she suffers.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
This data focuses on the most important processes of serving a customer. They may include the average response rate for a question, the average time to resolve a problem, the average delivery time to the customer, etc.

Customer Questionnaires
These can be brief and easy (eg a satisfaction rating from 1 to 10) or more detailed (eg multiple questions, interviews, etc.).

Customer Reviews
The volume and quality of reviews our Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List store has is a great way to understand how many customers wanted to share their experience and what quality of experience they shared.

Nevertheless, we hope that we have given you useful information that will help you develop and improve your eShop even more.

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