The announcement of the

Surpris social mia experts. After the first shock. it was argu that the big companies would rather stick with competing apps. Large amounts of collect data can be difficult to organize on the board. and the app allows you to solve this problem in a clear and simple manner. Additionally. it can be difficult to include information about rules. regulations. and prizes in one article. Experts stress that only apps can collect massive amounts of data. which we can collect in Custom Audiences. for example. The change set off a firestorm in the industry for one big reason. Abandoning a ban that had been strictly enforc since its inception. However. this is not an action consider revolutionary.

Marketers note that this form

Of competition presents many risks. First of all. brand image building is not support. Second. it does not collect participant data. Third. it doesn’t force you to like a fan page. so it doesn’t mean only fans will enter the contest. This can lead to situations where entrants enter contests just to win small (or larger) prizes Belarus B2B List easily. As a result. the contest would fail to achieve the company’s main marketing objective. Changes in regulations have also affect companies creating simple applications for small and mium-siz businesses.

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So why did Zuckerberg change

One of his key principles so drastically? One of the reasons given is to facilitate the participation of mobile users in the competition. Unlike posts. apps are not available on mobile devices. This move is also to promote the game and encourage more fans to participate. Will this move really work? From the user’s point of view. this is undoubtly a convenience. Marketers and administrators of large fan pages. on the other hand. view everything with concern. However. like any change. this one will take time for us to understand its consequences. Why do Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List we ne it? The heart tells you to entertain! Mind image! Growing in popularity.


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