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If a user clicks on a link in a quick answer it will keep the site in that location. If not it will replace the link in the block with another link. Quick answers vs. other formats in search results Just in case let’s clarify these are definitely not quick answers.  is responsible for extending fragments without which it is not possible to obtain fragments with additional information. It is similar to a regular snippet but contains more information ratings prices and sometimes pictures. We tell you how to make an extended snippet in one of your articles.

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Featured Snippet Example Knowledge Panel This block displays query information related to celebrity company locations and events. This information is gathered from a variety of sources and has links to social networks. Knowledge Panels Knowledge Philippines Phone Number List Panel Examples Other Masks Weather Rates Flights Books Event Announcements Also Not Part of the Highlighted Description. What’s included in the Exchange Rates Block Example with Exchange Rates. Quick Reply provides information that can provide a direct answer to a user’s query if it can be answered quickly and concisely.  frequently. In addition to the text there are one or more images.

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Typically a A list is displayed when a query indicates that the user is looking for a set of steps to complete a task. To Singapore Phone Number get into this block you need to describe the sequence of operations on the page in a numbered list. Bullet list inmay appear for some queries. This happens when you ne to compare multiple products or get information that can be present in key-value format. For example, certain products. Highlight Instructions with Tables Quick Answer Blocks with Tables Answer blocks make it easier for users to access information. At the same time the website receives less traffic because in some cases users don’t even click on the link. It turns out that incorporating extension snippets into websites is not profitable. Let’s see what the research says.

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