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The same as  in most cases these will boil down to three main tasks: Learn to Empower Your Sales Reps Extend Your Own Management Processes Facilitate Team Growth Below is an overview of the most important exercises you will ne in each area. Good luck and happy management! Free Download: Sales Plan Template Assess Your Strengths as a Manager. You are a sales manager for a reason. If you want to nail down your new role you ne to know exactly why and there are some valuable resources that can help you do that.

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One book I always recommend to anyone pursuing a leadership Brazil Mobile Database role is Peter Drucker’s On Self-Management. As Drucker said you can’t build performance on weaknesses let alone things you simply can’t do. First you ne to know your strengths. If you understand these your team will follow your lead. A few questions to ask yourself as a new manager are: What is my leadership style? Where is my room for improvement? Once you understand your strengths as a leader, share them with your reps so they know how to best communicate with you.

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This will give everyone a better idea of ​​how your work styles fit Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List together. Get to know your team. Your team is a collective unit made up of unique personalities. Although they are working towards a common goal they are still individuals. With specific nes, interests, sensitivities and preferences. So looking at them as a whole won’t do much for you. You can’t get everyone head in the right direction by giving everyone the same attention. Adapting your management style to fit your personal rep might sound. Challenging mostly because it is, but it’s also one of the coolest aspects of managing roles. Each sales rep you manage will have its own set of motivations, goals, challenges, strengths.

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