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Source: What’s New in Blog Advertising Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues are well aware of today’s giants. They also know how much money they can make from it and how to make sure it keeps coming. This is evidenc by new ideas for advertisers that will bring many benefits to their companies, potential clients, and clients. Advertise Step by Step  Guide explains from scratch what Ads and Sponsor Stories are and how to use them. The guidelines includ are design to help creators prepare material that will appeal to recipients and encourage them to review the offer carefully.

This manual is divid into sections

The first is for creating ads, the second is for sponsor stories, and the third is for paid ads. Ads are defin as paid messages from companies, written on their behalf, containing information about their friends. Sponsor Stories, on the other hand, are posts by friends that indicate their interest in a particular company. By paying to promote stories, companies have the opportunity to be notic by more and more users. Sources: Individual slides Italy B2B List for each section of the studio show examples of different types of mia and recommend guidelines that take into account text length (captions optional) and photo dimensions.

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It also tells what the best use

For a particular mium is. For example, event ads are best us to encourage people to attend organiz events.Posts containing video ads (Page Post Video Ads) are design to increase recipient awareness of the brand and associate it with the video image. Ads can appear in the fe on desktop or mobile, or in the right column. Depending on how it is us, there are one, two or three usage examples. Source: Studio Uniform Rules will be releas in May Implement starting today, this will make it easier to add ads and drive more users to publish content. User-friendly ads According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List himself did not like the idea of ​​introducing ads in the form of videos on the Internet.


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