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The target bas not just on the usual demographic data but also bas on online behaviors life stage and interests. If you truly know your customers youll be able to maximize the potential for targeting. For example here are some of the targeting options for Facebook Ads. Targeting options for Facebook Ads Online ads can be highly target beyond demographics. You can target bas on interests and life events among other criteria. . Outsell Competitorscustomers more tends to win more. If you can beat your competitors at finding out your customers nes and you aim to fulfill those nes youve got a better chance.

Of standing out from the competition

Here are some ways you can use market research to outsell competitors Target dissatisfi customers. Asking target customers about their Peru WhatsApp Number List frustrations with your competitors products or reading their product reviews can help you improve your own products and market them to an audience ready to switch brands. Find an underserv customer segment. Your market research might reveal that theres a segment of the market that your competition has neglect. This will give you a new customer segment to reach out to. Identify unaddress customer nes.

During your market research

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You might uncover some customer pain points or desires that you dont see address in your competitors marketing materials. Try including Kenya Telegram Number List them in your own marketing and see if the results show an increase in sales. If you ne to know more about conducting market research with competitors in mind here are some helpful guides How to Write a Competitive Analysis for Your Small Business With Template Celine CX Roque Jul Competitive Analysis How to Find Out Whos Buying From Your Competitors Celine CX Roque Sep Advertisement . Set Better Goals for Your Business When business owners set goals for their business its typically relat to growth in sales or customers But.

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