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A customer completes a transaction with your business and they decide to leave a review of their experience. If their reviews contain keywords related to what you offer and the industry you operate in, it can give a big boost to your site’s ranking on Google’s search results pages. Positive Google reviews that include relevant keywords are especially important for companies that cater to local consumers and customer segments on mobile devices. Remember that almost all customers have at some point used their mobile phone to look up information online (nearly 100% of kids have a smartphone by the time they are 12 years old.

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Customers using their mobile devices to search for Bangladesh Mobile Database a local business that provides the service they want will often look at a “Near Me” which shows the business’ contact information and directions – if you rank high, your business will more likely to appear on these lists. The Basics Behind Local Ranking takes a variety of factors into consideration when ranking local businesses based on the search query a user enters. Keywords related to your business, business category, and on-page SEO all affect a business’s local ranking in . Of all the most important factors for better rankings, review signals are the most influential.

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In addition to review signals, to rank, include: Citation signals Rows for signals Personalized My Business signals appears in local product packs and where it appears in the product pack . Local Pack is the go-to location for consumers when looking for local businesses. The star rating of a business, which of course influences whether or not they decide to dig deeper and look at the reviews. Improve Your Reviews If you don’t want to buy reviews, there are a number of ways you can improve them organically. Number of Reviews If you wish to rank your business’ website.

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