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This is a clear Monitoring is a paid tool but contains many unique insights to help you uncover content opportunities. You can track the performance of individual keywords and relat pages and identify any keywords that are dropping in rankings or traffic. You can also view search volume trends for keywords by comparing them. Also great for identifying cannibalization issues. If the landing page changes frequently for your chosen keywords it will flag.  A bout which page to prioritize. At this stage you should have a list of pages that are declining. Here’s what got them back on the upward trajectory idea. 10 Ways to Refresh Rotten Content Use these four methods to make your content clean and update.

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Become less important over time. It is essential that the quality assessment guidelines according to have content that reflects a recogniz expert consensus. As a result your content may be outdat years or even months later. This is also important because what people are looking for may change over time. For Estonia Mobile Database example if you work in the ucation sector the school curriculum can change a lot. This means that anything that reflects the old class is no longer relevant. When people land on your page, they will be frustrat if the information does not meet the requirements.

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To browsing rot to check any stats and information and update accordingly. How Content Decay Recovers Lost Traffic and Builds a Moat Around Your Content Post in Publish in Search Engine Optimization Guide It’s easy to focus on creating new content when developing a content strategy for your business.Where possible, link to external sources to make the content more reliable and trustworthy. Adding more content Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List Adding more content is another way to recover lost traffic. By this we are not talking about increasing the word count for the sake of increasing the word count. It’s not about adding an extra few hundr words that don’t provide additional value. Instead look for gaps in the content.


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