This stage of the process

This stage of  You may want to focus on looking at pages publish before a particular year that have little or no backlinks or that generate less than a certain amount of organic traffic or conversions per month. Again it depends on your business and what your website is trying to achieve in the long run whether it is increasing awareness in a particular area or increasing conversions. List plann actions as you browse your When creating a blog post, press release, or any other form of content on your website, you ne to have a list of possible actions in mind.  You to review your old content and list plann actions, whether that be re-optimizing pages for different or more keywords, merging underperforming pages with stronger pages on the same topic, and letting pages stand alone for performance.

Good or not design for purpose

Or simply scrapping pages that don’t rank or generate any traffic. Possible actions include merging. For example, if you find that multiple pages on your site are competing to rank for the same keyword or you find a page with weak content, you may want to merge those pages into a stronger page. Update e.g. if you discover that information, data or facts us in your content are no longer relevant or inaccurate and ne to be Ecuador Mobile Database updat. Re-optimization For example, if your web page is not ranking for its target keyword it may be because it is not matching the correct search intent and could be better optimiz for a different set of keywords. Repurposing, for example if you determine that the purpose of the page does not match search intent.

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This can happen when the page

Has too little content or conversely the user is looking for mia-intensive pages such as images or infographics with copy. Delete for example if you find a page with very little or completely irrelevant content and no opportunity for improvement. Always be careful to remove potentially valuable content and make sure to rirect users to a similar page whenever possible or present a custom and useful page. Monitor e.g. if a recently Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List publish page is not yet ranking for your target keyword make a note to monitor it over the next few months and make adjustments if necessary. Doing nothing If you consistently write content with high-quality, well-research and optimiz content then a lot of your content will perform as it should and can age and gain popularity alone over time.


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