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With its help you can determine which to change your bidd strategy or optimize content on your land pages. What Metrics Are Includ in the Report Number of New Users Engagement Sessions Engagement Shares Sessions Interact with Users Average Interaction  Convert total revenue. To see how new users arrive at your website or app go to Select Reports in the left menu and click Traffic Sources Traffic Sources. Traffic Sources Report Another standard report in the Traffic Acquisition report shows where users are com from and how they interact with your website or app. Unlike previous reports this includes all users, both new and return users.

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This will help you understand where the most traffic is com from and what users are do on the site. Metrics Number of Users Number of Meets Interactions session Sessions with users Interactions Number of Activities per meet Interactions  Share Events Number of Conversions Total Revenue. To view the report select Report Traffic Sources UAE Phone Number List Traffic Drivers from the left menu. Driv Traffic Traffic Acquisition Report Pages and Screens Report It shows the pages or screens of a website or application that users visit and interact with. You can also learn what pages or screens are most popular. How much time users spend on each page or screen. What else do they do after visit the page or screen.

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For example, an online store can collect the most popular products and understand what customers do after view its page. Report Metrics Total Views  User Average Interaction Time Number of Events Total Conversions Revenue. To open it select Reports Australia Phone Number in the left menu and click Interactive Pages and Screens. Reports Pages and Screens Contain in the Procurement Report This report provides a detail analysis of a user’s electronic transactions. It shows the number of times a product was view, add to cart, purchas, and total revenue.

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