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Also more intentional and steady growth translates into a better user experience as they respond to early feedback and iron out any imperfections before a public release. Attract new users with helpful integrations ( ) You may be familiar with Airbnb’s viral Obama campaign, which brought in more than $100,000 in sales of political novelty cereal during the 2018 presidential election. The founders used the cash to pay off credit card debt and launch the home-sharing home brand we know today. Yet this is the first example of the company’s penchant for clever growth marketing techniques.

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The goal assumes knowing that many people use to post and Taiwan Mobile Database browse rental and alternative housing listings. So they cunningly set out to infiltrate and attract users who are obviously in the market for a service like theirs. The plan for the experimental program is two-pronged. First they encourage existing users to cross-post their listings to; they make it easy with a one-click button to easily generate a post and link back to the listing. Encouraging users to post on Facebook will benefit from free marketing as it promises to bring more attention to their listings.

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Autofill by design The details and pictures in the listing make this Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List feature even more valuable. Second they reached out to existing landlords and encouraged them to join. Together, these strategies helped reach an already large user base. The resulting effort was a great success. By making it easy for users to cross-post their listings to and encouraging them to do so, Airbnb has achieved an Olympic feat in growth marketing. The influx of new users has fueled its momentum to become the world’s premier home-sharing platform with millions of listings across countries. Searching for growth hacking on Google yields tons of results. But sifting through the results for the best sources has become more difficult as the term has grown in popularity.

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