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The idea is that by providing people with free information thats useful enlightening and hey maybe even fun you convert them from strangers into fans. If they really like your stuff they may share it with their friends giving you even broader reach and theyll be more receptive when you finally ask them to become a paying customer. As the dictionary definition notes this is quite different from traditional marketing. Heres a simple example to illustrate that. Lets say you run a small web design studio and you want to attract new customers.

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Approach would differ from the traditional approach Traditional Marketing In the traditional marketing approach youd create an advertisement Qatar WhatsApp Number List and pay to place it in front of potential customers perhaps in magazines or newspapers as sponsored search results or as banner ads on websites. something like Looking for a fresh website design for a great price Try ABC Design Studio For a limited time only get off all design work. OK you could probably come up with better ad copy but you get the idea. Traditional marketing is about getting in front of your potential customers and trying to convince them to choose you.

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Persuasive enough it can lead to immediate sales but if you dont grab peoples attention theyll just tune you out. Content Marketing The Russia Telegram Number List content marketing approach is very different. Its more about playing the longterm game. In this case you might start posting articles on your website or blog giving small business owners useful information on things like the elements of good website design mistakes to avoid when setting up a website and more. Then you promote those articles to draw readers to your blog and at the end of each article you try to entice them to stay in contact perhaps by offering more great.

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