Types of journey maps

Types of journey There is still marketing and sales work to be done in onboarding and continuing to deepen customer relationships. Customer journey map examples Customer journey map example Not every customer journey map is the same. Depending on your business model, your approach may be quite different, and you should create a template that works for you. To consider include B B customer journey map example For B B, the business to business or enterprise level model, particular details must be appli to the template. For instance, during clients may hear of your business through conferences or trade shows or through recommendations from colleagues.

the research and awareness stage

At the consideration stage, they may request proposals, compare different vendors, and seek demonstrations. Once they reach the purchase stage, they’ll be interacting with your company directly through negotiations, contract Philippines Mobile Database discussions, and finalizing the transaction. Then, at the support stage, they should be receiving regular check ins from the account manager. Finally, at the renewal stage, you’ll renew contracts, upsell, and continue to manage the relationship. map example With ecommerce, which refers to the online shopping experience, the template skews digital. During the awareness stage, customers hear of your business through referrals, search engine results, and social mia.

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Ecommerce customer journey

Next, the consideration stage involves visiting your website, comparing prices, and reading product descriptions. For the purchase stage, you can expect them to add products to their shopping cart, continue to checkout, and finish the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List transaction. Finally, in the post purchase stage, you’ll deal with order confirmations, shipping updates, and delivery notifications. B C customer journey map example B C, or the business to consumer business model, has the most touchpoints. During the awareness stage, customers discover your company through advertising, social mia, and traditional marketing channels. At the consideration stage, they’ll read reviews, visit your brick and mortar location, and visit your website.

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