Next they look at the profiles

This is what the block won criteria First they check the address from which the comment was sent. If many of the same type of reviews come from one service to another then there is clear cheat. They then use an anti-plagiarism service to check the.  that left comments, names, faces, photos, information about themselves and links to social networks.  If everyth is OK they will review spell and punctuation.

The detector highlights

Screenshot show an example of an AI-written review.  it in r If we find that someone has written a lot of reviews about a service we will reject his reviews unconditionally. Also if the comment text contains spam direct advertis referral links or Mexico Phone Number List insults towards specific people. It happens that the author of the review has a questionable profile but the text itself is normal. This was omitt but not taken into account for the overall rat of the service by the portal’s content manager.  written by commission copywriters.

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Inflat reviews are often

They can identify the same type of enthusiasm through their template writ style and sometimes even the advertis phrases taken from the website of the service itsef. Of course no negative reviews are compliments. Below isof a Philippine Phone Number typical fake review but it is real and compares.The manner and style of presentation. It’s worth clarify that the second review could theoretically also be written by a copywriter. But it does provide useful information about the product and points out the shortcoms. It doesn’t matter if the copywriter tries the service himself and writes down his opinion.

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