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We found four features that show a statistically significant change (confidence greater than): Featur Snippets.Sitelinks.People Also Ask.and Top Stories. Update directly caus these changes.but there is a clear correlation. Whether or not these features are specifically target.there’s been a noticeable shift in how often they’re now shown on results pages. To ensure our clients are ready for these changes and adjust our organic strategy accordingly.we took a further dive into each feature. We decid to break down all findings by industry to identify potential opportunities and risks.

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Surprising; for example.site link results (which show multiple different pages of a site for users to click on so they can easily find what they’re looking for) went up on average after the update.almost exclusively in in the food and beverage category. This represents an opportunity to grab a bigger slice of the pie Bahrain Mobile Database for relevant keywords in that vertical.especially since sitelinks take up more real estate on the page and push competition down even further. Marketers can act to gain an advantage and prioritize getting links to their website by ensuring their site architecture is easy to navigate and leveraging structur data like breadcrumb patterns.

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After the core update.especially for fashion and apparel Other data watchers point out that the prevalence of featur snippets is higher after the monthly algorithm update.and we see how Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List often customer content appears in featur snippets Up to.this is the largest increase among the rich results we analyz. Fashion & Apparel queries saw the largest increases in Featur Snippets.while Home & Garden.Software & Technology.and Food & Beverage queries also saw more modest increases. This doesn’t mean every fashion brand and retailer should start rewriting their organic playbooks.but it does mean.


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