What Causes Content Decay

┬áThere is rarely a specific reason why your content is rotting. Many factors are at play most of the time. It is important to understand what caus the change before making any changes. This means you’ll be able to develop a more inform plan of action. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Are my competitors publishing new content? Competitors publishing better content than you are a common reason why recessions happen. Google your target keywords to see who ranks higher than you. How are they different? Is their content more comprehensive or original? Do they cover other topics that you don’t know about? Is my content fresh enough? Google rewards pages that reflect the current consensus of experts in your field.

If you publish a blog post providing

Mical advice years ago, the treatment of the disease may have chang. In their Quality Rating Guidelines Google mentions that high quality pages must provide accurate and up-to-date information. So they give priority to the pages in the search engine results page that provide the best information for the user China Mobile Number Database query instead of years ago. Check the information in your blog posts, are you providing the latest available information or is the conversation continuing? Fresh words also refer to when the page was publish. Newer pages may be given priority if your page was live five years ago.

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Has Google’s algorithm chang

The problem may not be with the content itself but with your site more broadly. Core updates are releas several times a year. These can have an impact on the entire site causing your rankings and traffic to drop. If you see a drop across the board please investigate these issues further. Are people still looking for themes? Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your content or website. Instead your traffic is down because fewer Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List people are searching for your topic up. is a very useful tool to help diagnose this problem. It can show you if a keyword’s popularity is declining.


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