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The on a local audience then its crucial to include this information in your profile. How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles Now that weve covered the key elements any social media profile should have lets talk about optimizing those elements . Your Name and You Username So whats a Facebook handle or username on a social media platform Whats the best profile username for you Whats an online profile username for exactly For starters with any business social media profile your name should be the name of your business unless your business operates under your personal name. Your username becomes a part of the URL for a particular social media network.

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To your name. Still the two should be clearly USA Phone Number List related and easy to understand. For example if your business was called City Tech Repair it  wouldnt make much sense if your Username was JohnSmith. The two have no obvious relation to someone unfamiliar with your brand.  and access as possible for your audience. stock image Stock image from Envato Elements If you look at X formerly Twitter your handle is included in the URL. The same goes for your Facebook page your LinkedIn profile and any other social media network.

When you select a username

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Your creating a branded URL. So it makes sense to choose something brand related even if its just the name of your business again. Some Australia Phone Number List people who cant find your social media links may just assume its something obvious and type it in directly. So its worth brainstorming a little. Think about what terms people would use to search for your kind of business. Then make sure those words are in your URL. Advertisement . Profile and Cover Photo When it comes to profile photos theres a great debate whether you should go with the logo or with a photo ofa.

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