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The need a techsavvy person on your team. Its best to have a developer working on this project. If you dont have one fear not. We have a workaround for you. Instead of implementing Instagram DM API simply use Brevo Conversations to achieve the same result with much less effort. Brevo Conversations is a centralized platform for managing all your customer communications in one place. You can connect your Instagram Direct Facebook Messenger and chat widget to the Brevo interface and handle all your chats from there. Soon WhatsApp messaging and email conversations will be available too. Heres how you connect your Instagram Messenger to Brevo Conversations Have a dedicated.

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Make sure youve switched your Instagram account to a Professional Account. Link your Instagram Professional Account to your Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List Facebook Page. Go through a simple nocode authentication process. As your Instagram Professional Account is connected to your Facebook page youll need to authenticate with Facebook. Instagram DM API dashboard with Brevo. Once youve connected your account to Brevo Conversations youll be able to receive notifications and reply to your customers directly from the Brevo interface. What else can I do with Brevo Conversations To make the conversation experience as smooth as possible for your agents we also offer timesaving features like.

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Respond to your most common queries quickly and efficiently. Agents Add more than one agent to handle customer conversations across India Phone Number your team.  and assign chats to the most relevant team manually or automatically. Most importantly Brevo Conversations provides you with chat statistics and insights. You can sort data by messaging app date agent group and customer satisfaction. With our statistics you can track things like average response time and monitor the performance of your customer communication strategy. Try out Brevo Conversations today to reply to your Instagram DMs Facebook Chats and live chats directly from.

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