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The goal of any given experiment cannot just be growth because growth itself cannot be measured. Instead, every experiment you conduct should have actionable and testable results. This means you have to start small. Let’s break it down with an example: What is the overall goal? income growth. How will you increase your income? By getting more leads. what will you do? Improve conversion rates on your lowest converting lead generation campaigns.

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What are the specific goals of your campaign? Increase the Qatar Mobile Database conversion rate of one landing page above and find statistically significant results. How would you implement an experiment to achieve this goal? Test the headlines of your lead generation quotes. You can see from the example that while increasing revenue is an admirable high-level goal, it’s not feasible unless you break it down into actionable experiments. Tie a metric to your experiment (in this case increasing conversion rate on one landing page above) to make it actionable.

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If you need help setting actionable goals for your Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List experiment, start with a high-level goal and work your way up an incremental path until you have a goal you can associate with a metric. Encourage and facilitate brainstorming and hypotheses. Building a culture of experimentation within a team takes encouragement and motivation to always brainstorm ideas. This is why establishing a mechanism for tracking and documenting these brainstorms is critical to any good growth experimentation process.

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