While the popularity of content marketing

The on the other hand can keep providing you with new customers for years. As long as people can still find the post i.e. it ranks well in search results or other popular sites have link to it you can get thousands of new visitors for a post you wrote five years ago. The more good content you produce and the more popular you become the more your traffic increases both for new posts and old ones. Its a cumulative effect unlike paying for leads which is a onetime deal. . Challenges to Overcome Although content marketing has lots of advantages its not a panacea.

There are significant downsides

Everyone Else Is Doing It According to the BB Content Marketing Benchmarks report of businesses are using content marketing.  is an argument Senegal WhatsApp Number List in favour of using it that popularity also means that its a very crowd field. Whatever industry youre in there are probably already hundrs or even thousands of blogs podcasts and YouTube channels covering your topic. The sheer volume of it all has l to a frequent complaint of information overload. That makes it hard to stand out and gain an audience It.

Takes Time and Effort I mention

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Low cost as one of the advantages of content marketing but dont be fool. Although theres little cash investment requir you will ne to put UK Telegram Number List a lot of hours and a lot of effort into doing it. Whether youre composing blog posts recording podcasts or indulging in the distraction by a thousand cuts that is involv in maintaining an active social mia presence content marketing sucks away time and energy that youd otherwise be devoting to other parts of your business. And you may not see a return for a long time. You could hire someone to do it of course but that could be expensive. And you ne to be careful who.

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