How many people are engaging with my brand

A good metric might look like this: How many new visitors did you bring in this month? Brand Awareness How many people have heard of my company? in some way? These are just a few examples, but if you want more details, I recommend you read this post on the blog: Calculating Social Mia ROI Problems, Pitfalls, and Breaking Everything If you dig further, it becomes More fun. Let’s look specifically at the health industry: US Health Social is still an awareness channel, but look at the shows. It now plays more of a decision-making role.

Email also shifts from awareness rol

Ecision-making role. So what does this meanata above   shows that different channels play different roles in different countries and industries, so don’t assume anything. Don’t assume social will be a cognitive channel, don’t assume email will be a decision Colombia Mobile Database making channel, and whatever you do, don’t sell. The next time you visit your channel, try two things: Assign attributes to channels As mention above, not all channels have the same strengths, but as long as they serve a purpose elsewhere it should be fine. To see if this is the case please try.

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Assign them a sale other than

Some attributes. He gave a great talk on (if you’re Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List not there, the video can be purchas from) where he says that channels should address both performance and relational issues. This is shown in the table below (the example is for): As you can see, if we only address the lines with r text (orders), we ignore all the other benefits that some channels are doing. In this example, social is terrible at everything except being a buyer. I encourage you to still be able to for yourself.

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