Why is Messenger not working

The icon worked as a badge of trust for the brand and created greater customer confidence. BlendJet also saw more sales from people who interacted with Chat Plugin than from those who didnt engage with it. Facebook Business Messenger FAQ Finally find the most frequently asked questions about Facebook Messenger answered below. How do I get Facebook Messenger for my business You dont need to do anything special to access Facebook Business Messenger. All you need is to have a Business Page and enable Messenger in settings. Why cant I send a message from my Facebook business page

It might be that Messenger enabled on your page

Go to Settings and check whether youve checked People can contact my page privately. If not you can do it now. Can a Facebook page send a message Brazil WhatsApp Number List to another page Exchanging messages between Business Pages isnt possible. But you can always contact your customers personal pages.  on Facebook If Messenger doesnt work you should try to uninstall and reinstall Messenger on your device. How to Start Using Facebook Messenger for Business Weve covered how other companies use Facebook Messenger to reach their business goals.

But now how can you get started with

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Messenger Step Create a Facebook business page To have access to Facebook Business Messenger you need a business page. If you dont have Lebanon Phone Number one yet nows the time to make one Just go to your Facebook page go to the Menu click Pages and then tap Create New Page. how to create a facebook business page Here you can customize your business page and fill it with all the information about your company. Step Enable a chat widget on your page When you create a business page Messenger should already be enabled. You can either go to the Settings tab to check it or click Messenger tools and tap Add a button.

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