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Longer lives should  Assign a peer buddy to each level you manage and create mentorships for mentorship programs. Whether through follow-up, reviewing calls together, or checking in with peer mentors weekly will add valuable additional perspective to your mentoring. Create a peer learning environment. Collaboration rarely happens alone. It is therefore your responsibility as a manager to create an environment conducive to it. Weekly team meetings, for Longer lives should  example, are a great way to drive cross-team collaboration on ongoing deals and everyone offers help and support.

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Define your team’s incentives and what drives your reps. Do team Bolivia Mobile Database dinners bring results? Are people excited about spending time with others outside of work? Find the event or activity that makes your team click (and improve performance) and then double down on it. Don’t solve the team’s problems for them. This is one of the more difficult hurdles for beginning managers. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article if you’re new to admin then you’ve probably just killed it as an individual contributor.

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You know the ropes so it’s easy to do the work of Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List representing them. You must avoid this temptation. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to give in to it. Your team will learn and grow with your help but there is a big difference between helping reps and caring for reps. Helping reps is about preparing them to help themselves. Balance trust and coaching and allow reps to mostly resolve issues on their own. Once they’ve addressed those issues ask them to explain the process of how they got there and provide feedback upon request. Letting your team members develop their own solutions will boost their confidence more than simply telling them what to do. Being bossy and taking all their problems personally will inhibit their growth and is not sustainable in the long run. Remember: it was never about you.

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