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Sounds like you  How much traffic you ne to hit that goal  but you’re not sure what approach to take there, either.Whether it’s worksheets, docs, kanban boards, internal pages, or any other tool your team typically uses for internal documentation, make sure there’s plenty of room for any and all brainstorming. Establishing a mechanism for tracking and recording these brainstorms is critical to any good growth experimentation process.

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It’s not enough to put the original idea somewhere in the document Russia Mobile Database though. Instead you must ask your team to translate these brainstorm ideas into actual research-bas hypotheses. Here’s an example in action: Idea from the Brainstorming doc: Using popup modals instead of inlines to increase blog post conversions. Research: Our inline conversion rate is just below that. Using a slide-in or pop-up can make it more visible and increase conversions. Hypothesis: Using popups will increase our conversion rate from blog posts to landing pages by more than with statistically significant results. Figure out a way to prioritize your priorities.

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Once you enable brainstorming and hypothesis writing on your Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List team you will find that. You have too many ideas to know what to do with. That’s not bad. Remember that growth happens due to many changing factors. The more things you ne to test the more you can grow over time. With hundrs of ideas coming your way you have to figure out how to prioritize which experiments to commit resources to first and why. While there are many ways to do this here are the methods we use most often: Priority, Importance, Ease. We do this by compiling all ideas into one document and then scoring each item by scope in categories of priority, importance, and ease. We then calculate the totals for each category and divide these numbers by three. This gives us a score to rank each project so we can better determine which experiments or projects to work on first.

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