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Consider a content recommendation engine CRE to help you automate. A technology used to suggest relevant content to users based on their preferences. Interests, and behavior patterns. Can analyze user data to make predictions about the type of content a user might be interested in. The goal of a CRE is to improve user engagement, increase content consumption. Enhance user satisfaction by presenting relevant and personalized suggestions. The right tool can make all the difference in getting started with web personalization.

A Cre can help you automate

Your customers with the right content, on the right channel. At the right time. A predictive CRE can make this easier by Dominican-Republic Mobile Database Discovering and mapping all of your content assets using AI and machine learning. Learning which content works best for each audience segment. Recommending relevant content to new and returning web visitors. Increase content consumption, onsite engagement, and conversions. The speed of real time targeting and personalization. The insights of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Dominican-Republic Mobile Database

Example of a CRE Let’s take

A closer look at how a CRE might work in a real world application. Company is browsing your website They might not be interested reading a whitepaper. General marketing topics. They might appreciate Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List being offered a marketing whitepaper. That focuses specifically on their industry and addresses relevant pain points. The visitor’s previous behavior for example, which pages on your site they’ve visited. Which content they’ve engaged with to determine which content makes sense to show them on this visit.

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