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The emails. If youd like a quick primer on setting up automated emails for your business check out our guide to email automation before you jump in. Table of Contents Welcome Emails Thank You Emails Cart Abandonment Emails User Onboarding Emails CrossSell Upsell Emails Winback Emails Reward Loyalty Emails Reactivation Emails Product Launch Emails Postpurchase Emails Product Recommendation Emails Birthday Emails Anniversary Emails Social Proof Emails Review Request Emails BackinStock Emails Giveaway Emails Event Invitation Emails Referral Emails Lead Nurturing Emails.

Let them know where to follow you

Welcome Emails Lay the foundation for your customer relationships. You can introduce your brand make a strong value proposition and let Chile WhatsApp Number List new subscribers know theyre now part of a larger community. The most popular welcome email automation examples are typically sent to newsletter sign ups or new account registrations. Capitalize on this opportunity to make a great first impression and forge a lifelong connection. While confirmation emails sometimes take the place of welcome emails for paid subscriptions they arent the same thing. To be effective your welcome message should Welcome new subscribers to your community Tell them why theyre receiving your email.

Explain what they can expect as a subscriber

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And what value this will bring them Showcase your brands distinct personality Encourage subscribers to explore additional content or learn Uk Phone Number List more about your business Guide leads onto the next step they should take to stay engaged with your brand Surprise subscribers with a bonus like a free coupon or downloadable materialĀ  on social media Lets take a look at how Adobe Lightroom created the perfect welcome email. The opening paragraph makes the subscriber feel part of a warm and friendly community. Then a collage of beautiful photos entices new subscribers to explore their content. Source The value proposition is also clear and compelling learn new techniques from photographers around the world. Finally a wellplaced CTA encourages its target audience to.

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