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The relatively brand aware. You know that because theyve been on your email newsletter for some time now and have some familiarity or trust with you. That means your best bet is a really short page that cuts to the chase. You dont have to be overly clever with copywriting to try and beat them over the head with a sales offer. They know you they trust you already and they understand you. Just a simple direct question or offer will get the job done. TheĀ  is a great example of getting directly to the point. The text is minimal and the landing page is driven more by images elegant interactions and direct calls to action. Flare Landing Page Theme.

Flare HTML Startup Landing

Page Template on ThemeForest. Now USA Telegram Number Data compare that with somebody from an AdWords campaign whos not brand aware and has no idea who you are. They dont know if your products are any good. These people probably ne a very long landing page. They might be more interest in additional videos and more customer testimonials and really strong supporting documentation or supporting evidence to show that you can do what you say you can do. . Messaging Figuring out who youre talking to is critical if youre going to begin testing messaging and copy.

That’s because different people even

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Within the same organizationmight have USA Email List vastly different motivations or messaging preferences. For example in one complex BB transaction you might be dealing with the engineering lead a marketing or sales lead a CEO The engineering lead is focus on specs and features. Marketing and sales might be more interest in hearing about website traffic or leads generat. While the CEO only cares about how much revenue was generat. They dont care about technical specs. They dont care about traffic figures. The messaging and copy for these landing pages will differ and change drastically bas on

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