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With many fallingĀ  Amazon, Nike, and Amex wait. and his team have been working on it since 2000, adding millions of dollars in revenue for many businesses. Want to see it for yourself? Just look at their results. Mustafa takes a data-driven, creative approach to delivering on the growth hacking promise of high impact and no bullshit. Read his Comprehensive Guide to Data Science in Marketing for an in-depth look at how to get your product in front of the right customer at the right time. Matthew Howells Barbie Photo crit Matthew Howells Barbie is a growth marketing veteran with a passion for community building and leading high-performing marketing teams.

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His most recent success is that it start as a community for global Turkey Mobile Database marketers to share experiences and learn new strategies to focus on. The company reach about MM in two years and has since been acquir. Matthew is passionate about developing growth strategies and has a proven track record of success. He is also an alumnus! Check out the stories on the site for a first-hand look at how he grew. Kathy Winters ( ) Growth Hacker Profile Image Crit Kathy Winters knows a thing or two about growth companies.

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He start his growth hacking journey leading a marketing team Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List that help. Them nearly double their user base. Next he l the growth product team. He then mov on to lead the company through the pandemic as chief product officer. Keeping the company afloat through difficult times by shifting to a product-bas strategy.If you have ideas about growing up Kathy is one to follow. He’s also very active on the web so if you have questions about optimizing your company’s growth he might pop up and offer some advice. Watch the video below for some really useful insights on scaling startups and product growth.

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